Health Center
Welcome to Washington High School Health Center

On the health forms page you will find all the documents you may need.  There is a health history form; it is very important for a new one to be filled out every school year.  It can be updated with new phone numbers, any medical condition that may have changed on your student.  Also you will find information on chicken pox - it is required that every student have either documentation of the vaccine or a date of when your child had the chicken pox.

Immunizations:  students must have a current immunizations on file.  The Maricopa County Childhood Immunization Partnership provides WHS with free immunizations.  A consent form is required to be signed by the parents/guardians.  A consent form may be picked up in the health office.  Fill it out and send it in and I will give your student the needed vaccine. 

Medications:  If any medications need to be taken at school, the medications must be brought to the nurse in the original prescription bottle or original container.  Please see the nurse to sign a form authorizing administration of medication.  Students may not carry medication of any kind of over the counter medication in their backpacks. 

If you have any questions or need additional information please feel free to contact me at 623-915-8403 or by email.

Nurse Mary