Language Arts

Welcome to the Language Arts Department


Samantha Berry (Read 180, English 1-2)

Catherine Coronado (AP Language, English 5-6)

Linda Dooling (English 7-8)

Katie Eldridge (Honors 3-4, English 3-4)

Renee Poginy (English 1-2, English 3-4)

Jill Green (AP Language, Journalism, English 5-6)

Jessica Hewlett (Title 1 English 1-2, English 7-8)

Laura Hirschey (English 1-2, English 3-4)

Amanda Humphrey (AP Literature, Mentor)

Melee Johnson (Honors 1- 2, Literacy Coach)

John Lasher (English 5-6, English 7-8)

Mary Plante (English 3-4)

Molly Shoemaker (English 3-4, English 5-6)

Alexandra Gendreau (Read 180, English 1-2)

The GUHSD Language Arts curriculum is aligned to the Arizona State Standards and will prepare students for AIMS (Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards). Students are expected to master specific outcomes at each grade level.

Samples of student writing for each of the outcomes are placed in a folder, which follows the student from 9th grade through 12th grade.  In the Language Arts classes, students focus on reading in a variety of genres and composition in the four strands of writing.