Welcome to the Mathematics Department


Angel Navarro
Alex Bembenek
Amy Boyd
Frank Garcia - Department Chair
Alaina Johnson
Tracey Holberg

Carlos Lopez
Brian Patterson
John Shovestull 
Robert Templeton
Sheryl Zeller
Brianna Kaiser
Monique Dumar

The following are the Mathematics Program Outcomes for the Glendale Union High School District:

  1. The student will solve problems logically and determine the reasonableness of the conclusion.
  2. The student will apply geometric/spatial relationships.
  3. The student will utilize technology to solve problems.
  4. The student will apply mathematical skills and concepts to other disciplines.
  5. The student will analyze data and draw conclusions from statistical information.
  6. The student will use cooperative and independence learning strategies.

The student will communicate processes and concepts using appropriate mathematical language.