Performing Arts

Welcome to the Performing Arts Department


Kelli Abramovich (Beginning, Beginning Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate, Advanced and Company Dance)
Jim DeBusk (Vocal Ensemble, Concert Choir, Choir 1-2, Media Production)
Christian Boyett (Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Drama, Technical Drama)
Jason Landaiche (Marching Band (including Color Guard), Jazz Band, Advanced Band,
                          Beginning and Intermediate Band, String Orchestra, Guitar

Courses offered:

  • Instrumental Music course offerings include band, guitar, jazz ensemble, orchestra and piano.  Students learn and utilize the fundamentals of music notation, music reading skills, tone production and intonation, elements of music theory and listening as well as development of proper attitude with emphasis on group participation.
  • Vocal Music offers opportunities in choir, concert choir, and vocal ensemble.  Students learn the basic fundamentals of vocal production and part-singing as well as music notation and sight singing.

Participation in a variety of district, regional and state competitions serves as a highlight for student learning and achievement in both programs.

  • Dance offers students experiences in a variety of dance forms that may include jazz, modern, ballet, lyrical, musical theatre, tap and ethnic. Students participate in fitness and conditioning exercises, floor combinations, and dance routines which develop balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, line and body control, rhythmical accuracy and versatility through participation, observation and self-evaluation.
     Students Learn Dance Skills at Symposium

Theatre Arts provide learning in the elements of theatrical arts through experience with acting, technical theatre, history, directing, and drama as literature.  A variety of techniques are offered and may include mime, improvisation, make-up, lights, sound, stagecraft, and set design.  Individual growth is encouraged through participation in and attendance at productions, written work, outside reading and personal interest.