Welcome to the Science Department

Ms. Ballard (Thinking Science & Biology)
Ms. Dyer (Biology & Human Science)
Mr. Eidenbock (Thinking Science)
Mr. Geyer (Thinking Science & Chemistry)
Ms. Livengood (Biology)
Mr. Miller (Biology & AP Biology)
Mrs. O'Connell (Thinking Science & Biology) 

Washington High School offers Thinking Science, Honors Thinking Science, Biology, Honors Biology, Human Science, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Biology, Physics, Honors Physics and AP Physics. The courses are aligned with the Arizona State Science Standards.  Thinking Science and Biology courses are designed to prepare students for the AIMS Science exam, which is taken at the end of Biology.  All the courses are approved as laboratory courses for university admission. Students are encouraged to do scientific investigation and gain a knowledge base to support that investigation.