Frequently Asked Questions about the SAT and ACT!

When should I take the SAT or ACT?

A:  While you are a junior! May or June for SAT/ April or June for ACT.  Take the tests after you've received your PSAT score so you can study and be prepared! If you are a senior you can still take the tests, but you should take them at the beginning of your senior year. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.

Scroll down to see a list of the SAT and ACT dates.

Q:  Why should I take the SAT or ACT?

A:  If you are going to a university right out of high school you need to take ONE of these tests. Many universities have a certain score they would like you to have in order to be admitted.  Also, you could qualify for scholarships based on your score!

Q:  Do I need to take both tests?

A:  Sometimes colleges will specify that they want an ACT score or an SAT score, but most of the time colleges don't care about which one you have taken, just as long as you have taken one of them.

Q:  Which test should I take?

A:  That is totally up to you! There are differences and similarities between the two tests.  Take which ever you feel you will do better on. Some students opt to take both.

Here's a helpful chart to see the differences and similarities: 
SAT vs ACT Chart

Q.  Do I need to take the SAT or ACT to get into a community college?

A:  No, community colleges will just take your high school transcripts; however, you will need to take the accuplacer, which is a placement test. To learn more about the accuplacer click 

Q:  How much do the tests cost?

A:  The SAT is $49.50 without writing or $64.50 with writing, and the ACT is $52 without writing or $68 with writing.  If you are a student who is on free or reduced lunch you qualify for a fee waiver, which allows you to register for the test without having to pay for it. If you believe you qualify for a waiver just come to the career center and ask or ask your counselor.

Q:  Where can I find study materials?

A:  There are SAT and ACT study books at book stores, but there are also study booklets you can have in the counseling office and career center. 

Q: Are there apps for my iphone to help me study for the SAT & ACT?

A: Yes! Here are a few links to websites that talk about "good" SAT & ACT apps: SAT AppsSAT & ACT apps