Studying for the ACT and SAT

There are many resources available to you when studying for the ACT and SAT. Here is a list of some of them! Ask Miss O'Neal in the Career Center if you need help signing up!

Khan Academy SAT Prep:
Khan Academy has free practice that is personalized to YOU. It is interactive with thousands of practice questions, including videos, lessons, hints, and even test-taking strategies. It also provides up to full-length, real practice exams that were created in partnership with the creators of the SAT. 
Even though Khan Academy's partnership is with ACT, practicing the material will help you to be more successful on the ACT.

ACT Academy:
Straight from the creator's of the ACT comes ACT Academy. This is a combination of practices from different publishers giving you the best of the bet. Better yet, the free practice and review is personalized just for you, to help you get the best score possible on the ACT Test.

Practice Books:
In the Career Center, there are some free practice books available to students taking the ACT or SAT.
Additionally, you can purchase review books off Amazon, or from most book stores, such as Barnes and Noble. However, check the WHS Library and your local public library  for prep books first to save some money!