The counseling service is part of the total program designed to help Washington students gain the maximum from the high school experience.

The counselor helps with decision-making college/career planning and the development of each student's high school course of study.  This is accomplished through the formulation of a six-year educational plan, which includes the selection of either the Regent's Endorsement or G.U.H.S. District Diploma.

A counselor can be a valuable source of assistance.  Parents are encouraged to phone for an appointment if they feel a need for a conference with their student's counselor.

A social worker is on campus to offer referral information and assistance in the area of social services.

Counselor information can be obtained by clicking on their name in the left hand column.


If a student wishes to see his/her counselor, he/she should make an appointment with the Services Secretary, located in the Counseling Center, and the student will be called from class at the appropriate time.


Students may pick up a request form in the Counseling Center.  Completed forms are to be turned in to the secretary in the Counseling Center.  Students will make an appointment to see their counselor concerning the schedule change.

Criteria for schedule change

1.  Registration error - clerical or computer error
2.  Completion of correspondence or summer school courses
3.  Doctor's request
4.  Teacher or administration recommendation

The completed request form is not a schedule change,  but merely a request that will be considered by the counselor and administration.  Should a student choose to take a course on an audit basis (no credit), he/she must do so during the schedule change period at the beginning of each semester.  Students may no longer initiate a schedule change after the issuance of interim reports in the 2nd and 4th nine weeks.