*Enrollment Form and Health (Emergency) Card MUST Be picked up from WHS. These forms are not available online.


1. DRESS ACCORDING TO SCHOOL DRESS CODE: Students must be in proper attire for ID pictures to be taken during      registration!
2. HEALTH (EMERGENCY) CARDS: Required for ALL students. This card is kept in the nurse’s office and is valuable in       case of an emergency. PLEASE BE THOROUGH WHEN COMPLETING THIS CARD!
3. IMMUNIZATION RECORDS:  Arizona state law requires that all students enrolled in school have an up-to-date                   immunization record. If your student’s immunizations are not up-to-date, contact your  family physician, Phoenix                   Spectrum Mall, or the County Health Department.  Questions may be directed to the nurse’s office (623) 915-8403.


5. VERIFICATION OF ADDRESS: Required for ALL students. 
    One of the following: lease or rental agreement or county assessor valuation card for the most recent year.
    Two of the following: current water bill, power bill, telephone bill, and/or driver’s license   with current address.
6. Students who owe FINES and FEES will need to clear fines and fees through the bookstore in order to register.        
In accordance with Board Policy 6200 and 6202 regarding school dress and personal appearance, Washington High School’s student dress code states: Students are restricted from wearing or carrying symbols that endorse or imply the use of substances not legally available to minors. Also prohibited is the wearing of any clothing, hats or jewelry that has profane, sexual or violent connotations. Additionally, any clothing that substantially interferes with the educational process is prohibited. State law prohibits bare feet in public places.
Translated into concrete terms, the policy means that students shall not wear…
·        Clothing that reveals the torso; front, back, and/or sides.
·        Clothing that is transparent, distracting or disruptive to the school environment.
·        Tops that do not cover the shoulders. NO tube tops, halter style or spaghetti straps, even
          under overalls.
·        Clothing that reveals cleavage.
·        Tops that are not long enough to be tucked in and allow the midriff to show. 
·        Clothing that reveals undergarments. This includes bra straps, boxers and sleeveless
·        Clothing, hats or jewelry that carry symbols endorsing or implying the use of illegal
          substances or substances not legally available to minors, which include but are not
          limited to tobacco products, alcohol products, or drugs. 
·        Clothing or jewelry that has profane, sexual, illegal or violent, or gang connotation. ie:
          Player 69, Playboy bunny, “13”, “8-ball” “Phoenix 602”, “AZ”, “Arizona”.
·        Jackets/sweatshirts/see-through garments to “cover up” other inappropriate clothing.
·        Clothing or material that contains racial, ethnic, religious or handicap slurs. This includes
          magazines, music covers, and backpacks.  
·        Apparel or accessories that could be used as a weapon such as spiked jewelry, hat, arm,
          wrist or neckbands with chains, or spikes. 
·        Bandanas, hairnets, skullcaps, do-rags, sweatbands, headbands, and similar apparel. This
         applies to both males and females.
·        All shorts/skirts must extend to the thumbnail when the arm is hanging straight down by
         the side of the body. 
The dress code will be enforced at all school events and dances.   Consequences may include detention and/or suspension either on or off campus. A student who is in dress code violation at an extra-curricular activity may be removed from the event.
All students are required to carry their I.D. badges while on the school grounds and attending school activities.
I.D. badge pictures will be taken during registration. PROPER DRESS IS REQUIRED FOR REGISTRATION!

Free bus transportation is provided to students who live more than 1 1/2 miles from the campus. Students on variance/out-of-attendance area will not be permitted to ride a school bus. Bus routes and schedules will be available at registration. Bus routes are the same as last school year.


All vehicles parked on the Washington High School campus must be registered in the Attendance Office with a school parking permit displayed on the vehicle. There is a charge for this permit. Registration must be done during the first week of school (or on the first day the vehicle is driven to school). All returning vehicles must be registered for the current year. New tags will be issued yearly.  You will need to have a copy of your current vehicle insurance and driver license. You will also need to know the make, model, body style, color, and license plate number of the vehicle.


The following may be purchased during walk-through registration
Physical education uniforms:   Cost:  will range from $14 to $18 depending on the size 
Activity Cards:   Cost: $20.00 This entitles student to admission for all home regular season athletic events and a discount on the fall play ticket. (Principal’s Pass holders have no need for an Activity Card.) 
Family Athletic Event Pass:  Cost: $60.00 This is usable at all home regular season athletic events and admits both parents and children. Parents/guardians are encouraged to take advantage of this special “pass” offer.
Washington High yearbooks may be purchased during registration or after school starts in the bookstore.  The price at walk-thru will be $50.00.  The price will increase as the school year progresses, call for prices after registration.


Absences are counted from the first day of each semester. For this reason, IT IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT THAT STUDENTS BE IN SCHOOL ON THE DAY IT OPENS. 
TO REPORT AN ABSENCE OR TARDY: Call the Attendance Office (623-915-8401 or 623-915-8442).

In order to participate in interscholastic competition at Washington High School, athletes must have the following completed and on file with the Athletic Secretary:
            1.         Birth certificate
            2.         Yellow athletic physical card - signed by parent and physician    
            3.         Clearance from previous school year

Students may pick up an athletic physical card in the Athletic Office or Main Office, Monday through Friday, from 7:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If you have any questions, please call the Assistant Principal for Operations and Resources at 623-915-8436.


A student accident insurance program is available for purchase at registration, from the athletic secretary, or at the bookstore. Forms are available in the athletic office.
Football Note: If you buy school insurance to participate in a sport, you are reminded that separate coverage must be purchased for tackle football.