Link Crew

 Link Crew helps teens communicate with each other by sharing ideas and by making Washington an excellent high school to attend.

Mr. Shovestull -Rm. 215
Ms. Hirschey -Rm. 120
Ms. Humphrey -Rm. 111
Mr. Lopez -Rm. 119
Ms. Carroll -Rm. 210

Students participated in a week-long training in the summer to prepare.

Many group activities were planned, and students were eager to meet incoming freshman.

 The Link Crew high school transition program provides the structure for freshmen to receive support and guidance from juniors and seniors who have been through the challenges that high school poses, and understand that the transition to a larger school can sometimes be overwhelming.

Link Crew prepares to welcome Freshman!!!

Link Crew begins with a powerful orientation day that makes freshmen excited and proud to be attending their new high school and allows them to begin developing relationships and strategies that will contribute to their high school success.

Welcome assembly


Link Crew members tour freshman throughout WHS


Link Crew's goal is to provide schools with a structure in which students make real connections with each other. Through this program, students learn that people at school care about them and their success. Link Crew is the high school transition program that will increase attendance, decrease discipline referrals and improve academic performance at WHS!


Link Crew is a high school transition program that increases freshman success.

Members of the junior and senior class are trained to be Link Leaders who act as positive role models. motivators, mentors and teachers helping guide the freshmen to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to high school. As freshmen success increases, the benefits to the school culture and climate become apparent; Link Crew schools report having greater connection, increased extracurricular participation, fewer discipline issues and greater pride and spirit.