Course Syllabus and Contract

Washington High School
Thinking Science
Semester 1 Course Syllabus
Instructor – Mr. Eric Schneider
Course Explanation
            Thinking Science students at Washington High School will study basic concepts of the Scientific Method, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics in order to prepare them for the AIMS Test and their further studies in the sciences. Students will learn through a variety of activities including but not limited to; note-taking, demonstration, partner/group tasks, and laboratory experiments. Activities in the class will not only cover Arizona State Science Standards, they are also designed to ensure that students are prepared for a successful high school experience.
Concepts to be Taught
            Scientific Skills and Method
                                Forces and Motion
                                Properties of Matter
                                Structure of Atoms and Molecules
                                Physical and Chemical Changes
                                Big Bang Theory
Course Requirements and Grading
            The students’ grades are determined by 2 main factors; 1) Daily Work Portfolios and 2) Unit Tests. Unit Tests will cover the information presented during a particular unit. These tests will occur at the end of a given unit, are taken every 2 to 3 weeks (depending on the amount of information covered), and will comprise 45% of the total grade for the semester. Daily Work Portfolios are collections of student work including but not limited to bell work, lesson notes, practice activities, labs, and homework. The Daily Work Portfolio for any given unit will be due at the time of the test and will make up 35% of the total grade for the semester. The grade breakdown will be as follows:
Daily Work Portfolios = 35% of total grade
Unit Tests = 45% of final grade
Final Exam (CRT) = 20%
Grade Scale
100-90%= 1       89-80%= 2    79-70%= 3     69-60%= 4       59-0%= 5
Classroom Expectations
1) Respect Yourself and Others
            2) Come to Class Prepared to Learn
(This means having all the required materials and the proper attitude and behaviors necessary for learning)
            3) Maintain On-Task Behavior
            4) Demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and intelligence to others at every
                        opportunity (DO NOT HIDE YOUR TALENTS!!!!!)
5) All Expectations listed in the Washington High School Student
            Handbook will be enforced.
            Students who fulfill the requirements in the classroom will enjoy a rich,
                        rewarding, and successful learning experience.
            A student that does not meet one of these expectations will experience
                        these negative consequences:
1st offense- Conference and Reteaching of the Expectations
                        2nd offense- Conference and Parent Contact
                        3rd offense- Conference, Parent Contact, and
                        4th offense- Office Referral
            Dear Parents/Guardians,
With your encouragement and assistance Thinking Science at Washington High School will be a positive learning experience for your student. He/she will leave with a sense of success and be well prepared for the rest of his/her high school experience.
                                                                        Mr. Eric Schneider
Washington High School
Thinking Science
Student/Parent Contract
Instructor- Mr. Eric Schneider
I agree to adhere to the classroom expectations and course requirements as
            communicated in the course syllabus.
                                                                       Student Signature___________________
I agree to encourage my student to succeed in Mr. Schneider's Thinking
            Science class according to the expectations and course requirements
            communicated in the course syllabus.
                                                            Parent/Guardian Signature_________________
Please return this signed contract to school with your student.
(The syllabus and expectations are yours to keep)