ELL English Grammar Class

Welcome!  English is the universal language of the world.  This class will give you the opportunity to understand and practice English grammar.  Grammar skills are the tools you need to accurately and fluently listen, read, speak and write English.

Grading Scale:                                 Grading Weights:

90 to 100 = A                                  Classwork and Homework             30%

80 to   89 = B                                  Tests and Quizzes                        50%

70 to   79 = C                                  Semester Final                             20%

60 to   69 = D

Below 60 = F                                                                    

Classroom Rules:

Respect the teacher and the other students.

Speak only in English inside the classroom.

Food, drink, and candy is not allowed during class.

Do not interrupt the teacher or classmates.

Take care of the classroom property and equipment


1st time  -  Warning
2nd time -  Teacher Conference
3rd time -   Classroom Detention
4th time -    Parent Contact
5th time -    Referral to Office
6th time -    Parent/Teacher Conference
7th time -    Administrative Action

Procedures for Success

1)  Be on time for class.

2)  Avoid being absent.

3)  Take your seat quietly and promptly.

4)  Come prepared with homework and materials.

5)  Ask the teacher for make up work if absent.

6.  Complete assignments on time to avoid lower scores.

7.  Ask for help when needed.