Policies and Procedures

Classroom Rules

I am SMART.  I

Sit and work as directed from bell to bell.

Make my best effort every day.

Accept the school rules and consequences.

Respect all people and property.
Take responsibility for my work and behavior.

1st Offense:   Warning
2nd Offense:  Student/Teacher Conference
3rd Offense:   Detention/Parent Contact
4th Offense:   Office Referral

Grading  System 

90 – 100% = A                             Bellwork/Classwork/Homework = 40%
80 –   89% = B                             Quizzes & Tests = 50%
70 –   79% = C                             Final Exam = 10 %
60 –   69% = D                             
Below 60% = F

Ongoing Expectations 

The students will:

*  Maintain an assignment calendar and grade sheet
*  Maintain and carry a vocabulary notebook.
*  Maintain a folder for daily work.
Work responsibly alone and in groups.
Make individual and group presentations.
*  Use school computers only for school business.
*  Communicate in English while in the classroom.
*  Submit all assignments. 

 Absent students have two days per absence to submit work for full credit.  Late work may be accepted for up to 50% credit.