English 5-6 Policies

Welcome to Junior English!

The class that will help prepare you for senior English!

English 5-6 continues to build on the skills you mastered in English 1-2 and 3-4. You are in for an exciting year as we explore American literature - the poems, short stories, novels, non-fiction and plays unforgettable characters, plots, and themes. You will also complete a research product and a variety of writing activities that will prepare you for our analytical PBA.

You will participate in this classroom community as you actively listen and contribute to discussions of current events and other topics. Preparation and involvement in the dynamics of the class will lead you to success in English 5-6.

My Information

Jill Green

Washington High School

2217 W. Glendale Avenue

623-915-8400  X8422

Office Hours: 7:30 - 8:00, 2:35-3:30 M-F

Course Grading and Homework

Work completed successfully may earn up to a grade of "1." Students must maintain a grade of at least 60% to pass each semester and earn class credit.

Assignments will be submitted in a timely fashion. Late work may be docked up to 50% for the first day it is late; thereafter, it will not be accepted for credit (with some exceptions). You will receive full credit for make-up work (absent) work submitted in the time allotted.

Homework will be assigned and is due no later than the specified date at the beginning of the class period. Trying to finish a homework assignment as work is being collected will not be tolerated.

You start out with an "S" for citizenship. "A's" are earned through participation, politeness, and hard work. "U's" are given for excessive tardies, rudeness, and apathy.

Grading scale

90 - 100% = 1

80 - 89% = 2

70 - 79% = 3

60 - 69% = 4

0 - 59% = 5

 Required Materials: 

*Binder with loose-leaf paper

*Blue or black ink pen



*other books/materials as assigned

Make-up Work and Attendance

Consistent attendance is imperative. When you are absent, you miss not only classroom activities but also class discussions and interactions. Make-up work is your responsibility. I will not come looking for you. you must complete makeup work within two days of an absence. If you expect to be absent for an extended period of time, you may request homework through the attendance office. Work due on the date of the absence is due the day you return. See me during office hours for extra assistance.

Classroom Rules 

*All school rules apply

*Respect the learning environment

*Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings

*Have all materials every day

*Profanity will not be tolerated

*Being out of your seat, talking inappropriately, eating, or drinking anything other than water will not be tolerated.