PE 1-2 Policies and Procedures



    1. Girls:  Enter and exit through south door of locker room  


    1. After you have dressed, wait for the passing bell in the locker room.
    2. You will receive a truancy detention if you leave before the bell.


    1. A student is considered tardy if they are not inside the locker room when the tardy bell rings.
    2. Each student has five minutes after the tardy bell to be dressed and ready for roll call.
    3. Tardies count towards the school’s 13 day absence limit
    4. Excessive absences fall under the jurisdiction of the school attendance policy.  See your student handbook.


    1. If the attendance roster has already been entered in the computer, it is the students’ responsibility to inform the instructor at the end of the period so that attendance can be corrected.


    1. A regular P.E uniform is required for class.  They may be purchased in the bookstore or may consist of the following:
    2. Proper uniform consists of a grey t-shirt and black athletic shorts  (b) Gym shoes (no sandals or boots) (c) Socks (d) No boxer shorts allowed                    3.  Put your name on your uniform.

                  4.  You may bring warm clothes to wear during cooler weather.


    1. Each student is issued a lock worth $7.  If you lose it, you will buy a new one. Students must use a school issued lock.
    2. No one will have your combo but you.  Do not share that information.
    3. The small lockers are to be used for overnight storage.  Large lockers are to be used only while you are in class.  Check and double check your locks.  Do not leave your stuff unlocked in the locker room!


            1.  All excuses and notes from home should be sent to the nurse before 8:00 a.m.

                 She will issue an excusal note from class if deemed necessary.

  1. Any excuse for three or more days must have a doctor’s verification.
  2. Upon return from an illness or injury that was prolonged or required a doctors care, the student must have a written release from the parent or doctor presented to the school nurse, and then to the instructor, before he/she is allowed to return to participation.
  3. Any medical conditions lasting longer than ten days may be referred to the counseling department for a plan to best benefit the student at that time. Please communicate with your teacher when long excusals are needed.
  4. Remember: you must dress for P.E., even if you are excused.
  5. There are several options that allow full or partial credit during an injury or illness. These are handled on an individual basis. Please see your coach for information.


H.        ABSENCES

     During each nine week period, a student is allowed to miss four class periods            

     without requiring make-up for absences.  After that, all time is required to be

     made up.

  1. Each absence beyond four will lower your grade if not made up in a timely manner.
  2. The student is always responsible for make-up and can arrange the time with the individual instructor.



            1.  A non-dress is defined as not dressed out in complete uniform.  

            2.  Every non-dress that you have will drop you 10% in your dress out grade..

            3. A non-participation is defined as a student not participating fully in a given

                activity, or being unable to participate. See “medical excuses” for details on      

                injuries or illnesses


J.          GRADING

            1.  Skill tests are administered in some units.

            2.  Written tests and quizzes are administered in some units.

            3.  All freshmen are required to take the multiple choice district assessment.

            4.  There are only two reasons for a student to have a below average grade in

                 physical education:                       
             1.  Multiple absences or non-participations that are not made up and/or..

             2.  Student is not dressing out.


            1.  All excused absences can be made up.  Make arrangements with your teacher.

            2.  Truancies can not be made up.

            3.  Make-up is the responsibility of the student.



  1. You may never use or touch the equipment unless a teacher is present
  2. No wrestling, horseplay, or snapping towels at anytime.
  3. Profanity will not be tolerated.  If you can’t afford detention time, don’t say it!
  4. All school rules and policies will be enforced.





We are using the same grading scale as a department:

45% participation (this includes daily activity, fitness activities, fitness testing, etc…) This is done on a weekly basis. Absences can affect this grade as this is an activity class.

45% Dress out grade (this is done on a weekly basis)

10% Written (written work, articles, programs, etc…) and PBA grade.


Our goal is for your student to have a great experience in physical education. We want them to learn the positive aspects of living a healthy, active lifestyle and we want to give them the knowledge and tools that will allow them to engage in it well beyond their freshman year.