Math Reasoning

Ty Bauer

Washington High School

Math Strategies

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Classroom Policies and Procedures


RAMS rules:

Respect the learning environment

Arrive to class prepared to learn and work

Maintain Self-control

School rules apply



                Step 1 Verbal Warning

                Step 2 Conference with teacher

                Step 3  Call Home

                Step 4 Referral

                (The teacher reserves the right to skip or change any steps depending on the situation)



                Positive call home

                Verbal Praise

                A great learning environment


Late Work:

                Assignments may be turned in late for partial credit

                                1 day 25%

                                2 day 50%

                                All assignments must be turned in !


Absent/Make-up work:

If a student is absent he/she is responsible for picking up missed work or replacement assignment from the teacher.  The student will have the number of days he/she was absent to turn the work into the teacher. 


Tardy Policy:

Students must be in assigned area when the bell stops ringing.  If he or she is not they are late and will have to serve a 10 minute detention.  The Glendale Union High School District policy and procedures will be in place. 


Point Scale:

                Bell Work: 10% of total grade     

                Assignments/Participation 90% of total grade


Grading Scale:





                5=59% and below


Please contact me if you have any questions.

Phone (623)915-8400

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