Biology Policy and Procedures

   Welcome to Biology

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Welcome to a new school year! I am honored to be your biology teacher.  I believe the classroom experience should be stimulating, energetic, and relevant.  I encourage your participation in class and expect you to work with your classmates.  To assist you in being successful, I ask that you know and abide by our Classroom Responsibility Contract (attached).  Learning happens when there is an atmosphere of mutual respect and a desire to succeed.  You must dedicate yourself to success right now and stick to it, not just in this class but also for the rest of your life.

Required Materials:

1 Pen, 1 Pencil, 1 Highlighter, college loose leaf paper, and 1 3-ring binder.

Optional Materials:

Colored Pens, Colored Pencils, Kleenex for classroom, post-it notes, hand sanitizer, and/or hand soap


Course Overview:


  • Cells
  • Basis of Heredity        
  • Matter, Energy, & Organization in Living Systems                             




  • Ecology
  • Classification
  • Evolution
  • Human population
  • Human systems
  • Evolution


Assignments, Labs, and Participation:

Class assignments require you to follow all instructions, written and verbal.  Assignments are due when instructed and with the proper heading: NAME, PERIOD, and DATE.  Assignments turned in 1 day late will receive half credit. 


Grades and Grading Scale:

To make sure that all students have learned the material that has been covered, I will assign grades for various levels of achievement.  At minimum, grades will be updated on Infinite Campus weekly.  If a student earns an “F,” they will be strongly encouraged to come before or after school for extra help.  Grades will be entered based on three categories.  Points from the three categories determine your overall grade.    


1.) Classwork – 20%                          *Grades will come from the following scale:

2.) Quizzes/Tests – 60%                                                         100% - 90% = A

3.) District Exam (CRT)           - 20%                                      89% - 80% = B

                                                                                                79% - 70% = C

                                                                                                             69% - 60% = D

                                                                                                59% -   0% = F           


Absences and tardies will be handled according to the district policy as written in the Student Handbook.  Students are tardy if they are not in their seat when the bell rings.  Students will be required to serve a 10-30 minute detention depending on the offence within two days of arriving tardy.  If students are absent, it is their responsibility to pick up their make-up work from the “absent box” and arrange for a time to make up a quiz.  A make-up period of two days for each day absent will be given for make-up work once the student returns to school. 

Rules and Procedures:

In class, follow all school rules and procedures as stated in the Student Handbook.  You are also to follow the “RAMS” rules listed on the Classroom Contract.  Follow the school dress code and have all electronic devices stored out of sight until 2:35pm.  Use the passing period wisely; passes will not be allowed during the first or last 10 minutes of each class. During lab experiments, there is zero tolerance for misbehavior.  Any student who does not follow instructions will be removed from class and receive a ZERO for the experiment and may lose future opportunity to participate in labs


Student behavior that violates the Student Handbook and the RAMS rules will be addressed following the school disciplinary steps:

1. Conference/Warning

2. Call Home

3. Detention

4. Administrative Referral

Technology Policy:

The computer, internet and the CPS (clickers) system will be used throughout the year.  It is expected that the student will use the technology properly and make good choices when using the internet for research.  Any inappropriate usage or handling of technology will result in administrative disciplinary action.  For more information please refer to the student handbook.

Mrs. Livengood’s Suggestions for Success:

  • Bring materials needed everyday 
  • Know the class, school, and district rules
  • Take complete notes and keep an organized binder
  • Participate with your lab partner and classmates during activities and discussions
  • Come to office hours for help            


















Sign and return contract

Classroom Responsibility Contract

I, _________________________________ will make the choice to,

  1. Respect myself, others, and all property- Not talk while my teacher is talking.  Not speak negatively about myself or others.   I will also take care of my classroom, my materials, my textbook, and my class CLICKER.
  2. Actively Participate - Listen to all instructions and follow directions and class procedures the first time they are given. Do my own work and complete all assignments.  Participate with my lab partner and classmates during activities and discussions. 
  3. Mind my mannersUse only polite language and appropriate actions.  
  4. School rules apply here- Follow all school rules and procedures as stated in the Student Handbook.  I will follow the school dress code and have all electronic devices stored out of sight until 2:35pm.

I take responsibility for my actions and my education in Mrs. Livengood’s class.

Student Signature__________________________________             Date _______________



Dear Family Member/Guardian,

            Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns you have this year.  You can contact me by email or phone: [email protected] or (623) 915-8400 ext. 3705.  Please print and sign your name once the student has discussed the syllabus and classroom contract with you. 

Thank you in advance for your time and help this year.

The student has discussed the syllabus and Classroom Responsibility Contract with me. 

_______________________________          ____________________________    ____________

Guardian/ Family Member (Printed)                Guardian/ Family Member Signature   Date