Looking for money for school? You may qualify for grants and aid from the Federal Government! Watch a full tutorial here.

Here are steps and tips in preparing for filing for FAFSA:

1. Starting in August of your Senior year apply to all universities, community colleges or tech schools (educational institutions) you are interested in. Remember applying is not committing.

2.  In January you will apply for a Federal Student Aid Pin number. One of your parents will also apply for a Federal Student Aid Pin number.  This is how you and your parent will electronically sign the FAFSA application when completed.

You can apply for a pin number at 

3.  As early as January 1st through June 30th you can begin completing the FAFSA online application at

***Warning*** There are many sites on the web that will try to get you to pay for and ask for personal information when completing the FAFSA application. FAFSA is free! Make sure you only use the link above as this is the official government site to complete the FAFSA.

4.  If you are experiencing any confusion please come see me in my office or call FAFSA at 1-800-4-FED-AID. I have called this number numerous times and the people who work for FAFSA are extremely helpful!

Keep Calm