Geometry/Algebra II Block Syllabus 2013-2014


Mr. Kelly

Washington High School

Geometry/Algebra 2

2013 – 2014


Required Material:



Calculator – You can get a good scientific calculator for about $11.00


Basic Overview

Students are required to take four years of mathematics. Unfortunately since you have failed Geometry you are going to need to take both Geometry and Algebra 2 during the school year. This class will be a block, meaning you are here for two hours a day. The first semester (Aug-Dec) will be Geometry, while second semester (Jan – May) will be Algebra 2. This will hopefully assist in credit recovery and you will graduate on time. We will also do some AIMS review throughout the year. I would suggest attending any and all after school tutoring sessions when they are available.



I expect that every student comes to class prepared and ready to learn. I expect that you behave appropriately while you are at Washington High School. I also expect that you do your personal best and participate in class. Students will be evaluated:

                                                                                                Geom             Alg2

Class work and homework                                                (20%)              (10%) 

Tests and quizzes                                                                (60%)              (70%)

Semester final                                                                       (20%)              (20%)



A:  100 – 90         B:  89 – 80         C:  79 – 70       D: 69 – 60       F: 59 – 0    



Tests will be taken in class twice. After the retest you are still allowed to come in after school to retake any outcome you did not score well on. You will have at minimum of a few weeks to fix your scores, however there will be deadlines to make up these tests. There will also be deadlines to turn in work.



Remember that failure in this class may result in retaking the class during summer school, or even the next school year in which you would most likely have two math classes. There is no trailer class.


Parents and students can track progress through Infinite Campus at any time. Parents can also contact me as well at [email protected] or by calling 623-915-8400  x3121.