Basic Policies 2013-2014

Mr. Kelly

Washington High School

Policies and Procedures





Tardy Policy

If you are tardy for this class you will earn a detention. After the fourth tardy and a parent call home, the office will assign detentions that can include lunch, Saturdays and even off campus suspension.


Food and Drink

Washington has adopted a no food policy for all classrooms. You are permitted to have water at any time. If needed please eat any snacks while on your way to your next class.


Makeup Work

You are responsible for making up all work. Whether it’s from being absent or scoring poorly on tests, you will need to come in after school on your own time to adjust your grades.


Take pride in what you do at school. This includes how you behave in class and out. You can achieve many great things at Washington. Remember:


Ready To Go

Always On Time

Make It Your Personal Best

Success For All