Washington High School Receives Generous Donation of School Supplies

Washington Receives Donation of School Supplies
August 2013- Washington High School is fortunate to have the support of the Washington Neighborhood Association and Sundt/Stacy & Witbeck AJV. Sundt/Stacy & Witbeck AJV, the primary constructor of the light rail extension, has partnered with schools and neighborhood associations along the light rail extension line to ensure students have adequate schools supplies. At the beginning of the school year, representatives from Sundt/Stacy & Witbeck AJV presented Washington High with multiple bags of school supplies, which included folders, pencils, highlighters, pens, paper, and binders. The school social worker, Sophia Stephenson, was extremely thankful for the supplies and intends to put them to good use. Thank you, Washington Neighborhood Association and Sundt/Stacy & Witbeck AJV!
 School Supply Donation  School Supply Donation