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Using Relevant Resources to Support AzCCRS
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While preparing for the English 5-6 PBA, Jill Green's students had the opportunity to utilize reading, writing, speaking, AND listening skills. After close reading articles about open carry laws, students had so many clarifying questions, Jill called on our own local expert, Office Rodriguez. 

Students prepared questions based on the articles and then interviewed him. Office Rodriguez read the articles as well and referred to them during the discussion. Not only did he clarify what was in the articles, but he gave them insight into the open carry laws in Arizona. Students will use that information in the introductions of their papers. 

Many of the students commented that by supplementing the articles with Officer Rodriguez's knowledge and experience, the assignment became more relevant. "Office Rodriguez clarified what we read about open carry and the details about Arizona law," said junior Randy Gueringer. "It made the reading we did come alive with his comments and insight."