Aspire State Competition

Aspire State Competition
Aspire Comp

On March 4th and 5th Washington High School's Education Profession program attended the Arizona FEA State Conference and Competitions. Our Education Profession program took home seven 1st place finishes in the state competitions. Congratulations to the following students won 1st place medals in their competitions: Moesha Crawford, Dariana Carlon, and Vanessa Delval Rios in Arizona History; Madisen Johnsen, Sandra Quezada, and Vanessa Delval Rios in Educaiton of the Future;

Kelly Nguyen in Emergency Preparedness; Seada Mukanovic, Diana Montoya, and Ashley McCarty in Ethics in Education;

Seada Mukanovic in FEA Moment Speech; Abigail Morales and Valeria Rico Tanori in Public Service Announcement; Diana Montoya and Ashley McCarty in Service Project

Congratulations to the following students won 2nd place medals in their competitions: Moesha Crawford and Dariana Carlon in Energy Day; Angele Vasquez in Job Application and Interview; Ciara Tan and Shane Rodosta in Multimedia Presentation

Congratulations to the following students won 3rd place medals in their competitions:​ Abigail Morales, Valeria Rico Tanori, and Sandra Quezada in Technology Video; Angele Vasquez in Essay Writing​