Discovery through Digital Literacy

Discovery through Digital Literacy
Digital Literacy

Literacy is always a focus at Washington High School, but just as important as traditional textbook literacy is digital literacy.  According to a 2012 Pew Research Center study, more than 40% of Americans choose to read online.  Students in Shannon Dyer’s Human Science class put their digital literacy skills to use recently in a unit on the respiratory system.

Ms. Dyer believes that student inquiry has a more lasting effect on student learning than traditional lecture/study guide formats.  Her students took a virtual tour of the respiratory system using Washington’s new Surface tablets to explore educational Internet resources about this topic.  Visiting reliable websites like National Geographic’s Science pages allows students to interact with video, analyze online text for information, and reference credible sources to answer text-based questions.

 Technology helps these science students discover, analyze, and retain information in a new way, but for the same traditional purpose—to improve student learning.

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