WHS Student gets into Naval Academy Summer Seminar

WHS Student gets into Naval Academy Summer Seminar
Luke Marino

LMWe received the following letter from a WHS parent:

Luke has wanted to go to the Naval Academy since we visited this amazing place when he was in 6th grade. We planned on touring for 2 hours and were 
there for about 7. I always thought the dream would fade after time but it hasn't. He has been working real hard the last three years in his classes and has really enjoyed developing his skills as a leader in STUGO.  He has also been meeting with a mentor the last two years who refers Naval Academy Candidates for nomination with Senator McCain. 

 In January, he applied to the Naval Academy Summer Seminar that is offered to those completing their Junior year of high school. He found out in early February that he got selected on the first round for one of the three weeks. ( June 7-12) This means that he is being looked at to possibly be accepted to the Naval Academy after he graduates from high school. A couple days after he was accepted to the summer seminar, he also received a nomination form in the mail from Senator Jeff Flake.  I have attached a pdf of the news release they sent to give information on what Luke was selected for and what the seminar entails.

 We are really proud of him and we thought you should know that you are doing a great job with kids at Washington High School!

 Click here to see the news release.