WHS Early Childhood Preschool

Glendale Union High School District 
Early Childhood Education Program

Developmental Preschool - Kindergarten Enrichment

An Arizona State Licensed Child Care Facility


The purpose of this program is to give the students on the job training to high school students who are interested in early childhood education.  The students selected for this program have had a yearlong child development class.  Students have also completed a 5 hour observation on the developmental stages of a preschool child. 

Our preschool is a working early child development lab which focuses on the developmental stages of a preschool child. 

Our Beliefs:

  • We believe in a quality preschool program where each child is unique and are encouraged to develop their talents and abilities.
  • All Children will be in a safe non-threatening environment
  • Playing is the child’s method of learning
  • Each child will be prepared for Kindergarten through the Arizona Kindergarten Readiness Standards.
  • We encourage the child to respect the rights of others.  We will respect the child and their individual development as well.
  • We support an environment that helps children develop social skills while they become competent problem solvers.

Mission Statement:  We provide a safe, affordable and developmentally appropriate environment for preschool children to learn.  Our goal is to engage all children to become lifelong learners.  

Our Staff:

Jacqueline Kennedy- Early Childhood Education Instructor & Program Director

Jenice Blair - Preschool Director

Emily Moyle - Preschool Assistant Director

Valerie Valdez - Afternoon Teacher

Hours of Operation:  7:00am to 5:00pm

Our Early Childhood Education students will be working with the children from 8am to 2:35pm.  Before school hours and after school hours, students will be hired to help care for the preschoolers.  We will follow the district calendar for holidays.  Please see the calendar at the end of the packet. 

High school students will be teaching lessons the following hours:

Period 1-8:00- 8:55
Period 2-9:00-9:55
Period 3-10:00- 11:00
Period 7- 1:35-2:35.