2020 Walk-through

2020 Modified Registration
Posted on 2020/07/21
2020 Walk-Through Registration Dates
In preparation for the first day of school remotely, we will be holding a modified walk-thru registration, which will include many safety measures. Faculty and staff will be wearing gloves and masks and numerous locations throughout the campus will be used to ensure social distancing requirements are met during registration.
  • We will be providing only the essentials needed for students to begin school.
  • Masks will be required
  • Our freshmen registration will run on July 22nd and 23rd
  • Sophomore, Junior and Senior registration will run July 28th – 31st.  
  • See the schedule below for dates/times.
We acknowledge that you may have additional questions. Please call the counseling office at 623-915-8402 with any questions.


July 22nd

7:30 Last names A-B

8:30 Last names C

9:30 Last names D-G

10:30 Last names H-L

July 23rd 

7:30 Last Names M-N

8:30 Last Names O-R

9:30 Last Names S-T

10:30 Last Names U-Z

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

July 28

7:30 Last Names A

8:30 Last Names B

9:30 Last Names C

10:30 Last Names D

July 29

7:30 Last Names E-F

8:30 Last Names G

9:30 Last Names H-I

10:30 Last Names J-L

July 30

7:30 Last Names M

8:30 Last Names N-O

9:30 Last Names P-Q

10:30 Last Names R

July 31

7:30 Last Names S

8:30 Last Names T-U

9:30 Last Names V

10:30 Last Names W-Z