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The following link provides details on 152 enlisted and officer occupations and gives the civilian counterpart for every applicable military occupation. It describes training, advancement, and educational opportunities within each of the major Services: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

    Now, if you are considering joining the military, the ASVAB is a test that identifies your strengths in different areas. Come speak with Mrs. Lohr in the Career Center or contact your school recruiter for the next available testing opportunity. If you'd like to learn strategies or take practice tests, check out these helpful sites: ASVAB practice tests and

 Washington High School Military Recruiters  

United States Army
            Staff Sergeant Michael P. Bradley          
   (602) 997-2402

                 United States Navy                               
                                         Petty Officer Eric Stephens/Petty Officer Alejandro Acosta                                                                 
602) 350-8338-(602) 531-5079    

United States Marine Corps
  Sergeant Francisco Pena
                              (480) 282-1685                   

United States National Guard
Staff Sergeant Todd Russ
(480) 751-9491

United States Air Force

Staff Sergeant Brandon Novenario
(602) 721-8589 

United States Coast Guard
  YN1 Martin G. Wygant
            (602) 379-3834         

Military Scholarships:

Air Force - Check out the Air Force ROTC Scholarship.

Army - Check out the
Army ROTC Scholarship.

Marine CorpsCheck out the
NROTC Scholarship.

Check out the
NROTC Scholarship.

       **You cannot apply for Navy and Marine Corps ROTC Scholarships at the
           same time so you must decide which one you want to apply.**