Act of Kindness

WHS Boys Soccer team show an "Act of Kindness"

Washington Boys’ Soccer Scores Goal with Character

Dear Washington Administration,

I know that it is pretty rare when [schools] get positive emails about our students.  So I wanted to make sure that I took the time to send you one in regards to your Boys’ Soccer team. 

[On January 25], your team traveled to Centennial High School to take on the Coyotes.  My son, Drew, is a member of that team.  Drew has cerebral palsy.  It really only impacts his legs—cognitively, he does very well.  It was Senior night last night and Drew’s coach had told him that he would try to get him into the game as it was the last game on the home field. 


The score was 5-0, Washington.  With about 10 minutes left in the game, the coach put Drew in.  The only expectation was that he would get time on the home field for the last time.  Well, the Washington team had a plan of their own.  They completely rallied around Drew and moved with him down the field to allow him to score a goal!  Your players were encouraging him and supporting him as he slowly moved down the field.  Both teams were a part of what was happening on that field and it was a very special moment for all involved.

After the game, several of your players wanted to take pictures with Drew.  I have attached a picture that was taken with Drew right in the middle of the Washington team!  It was a night that Drew (and his mom) will never forget.  The display of sportsmanship and kindness to others was outstanding by both teams – but especially by your team – for making Senior night extra special for someone they didn’t even know.    

The sportsmanship was even noticed/talked about from fans who attended the game.  Several tweets went out recognizing Washington’s sportsmanship.  It was a night that you, your coaches and players should be very proud of.  Please pass on my sincerest appreciation to your coach, Adam Roberts.  It meant more to us than they can ever possibly know. 


A Centennial High School parent