AB Calculus

Environment for Success In AB Calculus


RequiredMaterials:               3-ring notebook with 5 dividers 
Pencil and paper                       
Recommend a TI-83 plus scientific calculator


Notebook:                              A 3-ring notebook will be required for this class.  Notes will be given on each day that a new lesson is presented.  Tabbed dividers will be required for each of the following sections:     
1.         Notes              
2.         Assignments     
4.         AP Questions 
5.         Chapter Summaries


Homework:     All daily assignments are to be completed by following the Criteria for Credit guidelines.  Homework will be due at the end of week.  If any assignments are missing, an appointment will be done with teacher to complete assignment.  Criteria for credit includes; label correct on top right corner, points labeled, and work shown. 

Points system for homework:

10 points          0-2 problems not attempted

8 points            3-4 problems not attempted

5 points            homework is done not on time.


Testing:          You will have two types of test. 

The first type of test is the unit test and only one opportunity to succeed on the unit test.  In each unit, there will be written responses and multiple-choice questions.  Students will be able to earn 25% credit for each missed response on the test by correcting their mistakes.  The second type of test is a partner test.  Partner test will be done in groups of two and no opportunity to earn more credit after graded. 

Note:  If a student scores below a 70% on any test, the student will be required to meet with the teacher one on one after or before school within a week or the score will become a zero.



  1. Late assignments will not be accepted for a grade.
  2. Work missed due to absences is made up within 2 days for every day of being absent.
  3. Categories that make up your grade are:           

Ÿ         Individual Tests       40%

Ÿ         Partner Tests          20% 

Ÿ         Homework             20%  

Ÿ         Projects                  20%    

  1. Quarter and semester grades are based on the following scale:

(90 to 100) = 1

(80 to 90)   = 2

(70 to 80)   = 3

(0 to 70)     = 5                                                                                               



I will be available from 7:25-7:55 A.M. and 2:40 –3:20 P.M. in our classroom to assist any students in need of extra help.