Honors Pre Calculus

Environment for Success In Honors Pre-Calculus


Required Materials:              Pre-Calculus book
3-ring notebook with 5 divider
Pencil and paper
                                                Recommend a TI83 Calculator


Notebook:                              A 3-ring notebook will be required for this class.  Notes will be given on each day that a new lesson is presented.  Tabbed dividers will be required for each of the following sections:     
1.     Notes
Tests and Corrections
4.    Application to Life 
5.    Writing assignments 


Homework:     Daily assignments are recommended and are to be completed by the end of the chapter.  When doing your homework, please follow the Criteria for Credit guidelines.  Students will grade their homework and turn each chapter as a whole to the teacher.


Testing:          You will have two opportunities to succeed in a unit.  If a second test is needed, students must have their correctives completed to be allowed a second test.

All tests are outcome based which means only 100 or 80% are accepted for proficiency of the material. 


Classroom Guidelines

  1. You will be seated at your desk ready to learn when the tardy bell rings.
  2. You will show respect to others and material in the classroom.
  3. No hats will be worn in the classroom.




  1. Work missed due to absences is made up within 2 days for every day of being absent.
  2. Categories that make up your grade are:

Tests                                        60%

Final Exams                          10%

Homework                              10%

Writing Assignments            20%

  1. Quarter and semester grades are based on the following scale:

(90 to 100) = 1

(80 to 90)   = 2

(70 to 80)   = 3

(60 to 70)   = 4

  1. Semester exams are 20% and each quarter grade is 40% in order to make up the semester grade.



I will be available from 7:25-7:55 A.M. and 2:40 –3:20 P.M. in our classroom to assist any students in need of extra help.