Linda Dooling


Mrs. Linda Dooling

Teacher, English 7-8 and English 1-2
Sponsor, Ramifications and Creative Writing Club

Students will have incredible opportunities to explore literature and their own lives, as well as to develop the communication skills they will need for the 21st Century. Washington High School adheres to a program that meets the rigorous standards of the Common Core Curriculum, a nation-wide push to allow students to develop their full academic potential. We believe our students can set the standard!

At WHS, we also offer an English-Business/Marketing Academic Integration program, allowing students to work on projects shared by both classes. Efficiency, enhanced possibilities for teamwork, relevant assignments, a college-ready portfolio of work, and FUN are just some of the benefits experienced in the integration program.

As sponsor to the WHS Creative Writing Club, I will guide students in publishing  Ramifications, a magazine which features student art, photography, and writing. Our campus is filled with amazing poets and writers of fiction, including contest winners and published authors. Come share your work with us! We hope to publish quarterly electronic magazines this year.

Contact Information: Phone: 623.915.8400 ext. 3202

Room 202