Japanese Class 2013—2014 School Year Class Syllabus


Welcome to Japanese Class!


            Class Objectives:

Students will learn how to read, write, speak andunderstand Japanese while gaining culture perspectives, reducing stereotypes,and incorporating a passion for an element of Japan.

Required Materials

Students need to have the following materials in class every day:

    • 3-ring binder-- to be used ONLY in Japanese Class. 


    • writing utensils (pens, red pen, pencils, highlighters)


    • Wide-ruled notebook of at least 70 pages-- to be used ONLY in Japanese Class. 


Participation points will be deducted for NOT having required materials.


            LearningJapanese is challenging enough, but students who miss class are less likely toperform well.  Because of this, studentswho miss more than three days as semester must serve a one hour detention tomake up work and learn the missed material.  

Students who have three or fewerabsences in a semester and have a grade of an “A” are excused from taking thefinal exam.  Those students must stillcome to class that day, but have a “free day”. 

Passes:   Eachstudent gets two “free passes” per semester. Additional passes to the restroom, nurses office, etc. will result in a15 minute detention.

Grades:  Grades will be posted on Infinite Campus weekly. 

Grading Scale:

90-100 %   A

80-89   %   B

70-79   %   C

60-69    %  D

59-0      %   F


Testsand Quizzes will be given frequently.  The following behavior is expected:

  • all materials off desk
  • eyes on your own paper
  • raise your hand if you need help orhave a question
  • absolutely NO talking


Performance Based Assessments:

The goal ofthe GUHSD Foreign Language Department is for students to achieve proficiency inthe areas of speaking, writing, reading and listening.  Throughout the year, students will have todemonstrate their written and verbal skills. In April, the District PBA will be given and students must achieve at least 75 percent to besuccessful.

Extra Credit

Very littleextra credit is offered.  Occasionaladditional extra credit opportunities may be available, but students areencouraged to do their work and not rely on extra credit.

Make-Up Work

Students are responsible for findingout what they missed when they are absent. Students will be given one week to make up work and quizzes or thatgrade will result in a zero.

Late Work

Late work will be accepted, withgrade reduction, for up to one week past the due date.  After that the grade will result in a zero.




Japanese classes use the NakamaTextbook.  Textbooks are usedoccasionally and are kept in the classroom at all times.  Students who wish to can check out Nakamabooks from the bookstore to take home. Japanese 1-2, 3-4 use Nakama 1. Japanese 5-6, 7-8 use Nakama 2 textbooks.

Students are encourage (but notrequired) to register with . This website gives teachers a way to give additional resources tostudents outside of the classroom such as language learning tips, culturalinformation and more time to read, write and communicate in Japanese. 

Additionalmaterials to check out

Sensei has a large selection ofbooks, magazines, videos, textbooks and Japanese language study materials tocheck out.  Please see Sensei to checkthem out.  All materials must be returnedby the end of the quarter. 

Classroom Rules: 



  • じかんどうり きてください

Come to class on time)

  • いっしょうけんめい がんばってください (Try your best at all times)
  • 日本語で はなして ください

Speak in Japanese)

  • えいごで はなさないで ください (Don’t use English if you can help it)
  • しゅうちゅう してください (Concentrate and focus)




Consequences:  (6-Step Process)



*Detentionwith behavior contract



*OfficeReferral with Parent Meeting


ProceduresUnique to Language Learning:

1)   Whole Group Attention

Senseiraises arm to signal students to immediately stop talking and return to herdirections.    

2)   Five Finger Pause

At all times, students must:

*Students have materials out and ready

*Be actively and appropriatelyparticipating

Ifthis is not happening, Sensei will put up one finger signaling that studentsneed to check to make sure that they are following directions.  When Sensei has all five fingers up then allstudents are participating correctly.

3)   Technology or other violation

If caughtusing unapproved technology or anything that distracts class is you will begiven a bag.  Write your name on the bagand put your device in it.  It will betaken to the Dean of Students after school and you or a parent can pick it upthere.  This includes hanging earphones.

4. Asking Questions.

      If you have questions about Japan, but notabout the current lesson, please write them down, email me or ask afterclass.  In class disruptions will put youon the 6 step process.

5) Forgetting to bring materials


Studentswho forget their binders can use recycled paper for the day.  Pens, pencils, etc. can be purchased.  Repeat offenders will be put on the 6-stepprocess. 

6)   Disrupting the learning of others.

 Disruptive students will be put on the 6-stepprocess and may be asked to leave the class if the behavior is distracting toothers.

OlsonSensei’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy



The purpose of this policy is to define userguidelines for students using computers, technology, equipment or onlineresources in Japanese class.

Technologyin the Japanese foreign language classroom will be used for the purposes of:

1)   helpingcomprehension of material

2)   documentinggrowth of learning

3)   help studentsread and write more

4)   incorporatingauthentic materials into lessons

5)   include moreculture into the curriculum

6)   connect withothers around the world

7)   gain technologyskills for the international workplace

8)   use foreignlanguage in a creative way

9)   obtain instantresults of quizzes, tests, etc.

10) have access toinformation not found in textbooks or classroom

Acceptable Use

When using technology for Olson Sensei’s Classes in Glendale Union High School District, I:

-willfollow all school and district rules outlined in GUHSD Acceptable Use Policy

-will treatall technology will respect.

-will be agood online community citizen.

-will makeand create my own work.

-will askthe teacher or librarian if I have any questions about acceptable use,technology, copyright rules

-will findan adult immediately is I have a virus; see suspicious behavior by othersonline, etc.

-will useear buds when listening to audio or video (with teacher permission)

-will usecaution when giving out any personal information

-understand thesame guidelines for class, in regards to language and conduct, applies to thevirtual world as well

Unacceptable Use

- will NOT print without permission

- will NOT downloadprograms or software onto school computers

- will NOT change or move computer settings

- will NOT participate in unauthorizedwebsites, email, chat rooms, social media sites, etc.

-will NOT  play games or use class time for non-class related ornon- educational activities.


-Violators who plagiarize donot use the technology correctly, or who have been found abusing the networkcould result in temporarily or permanently losing their technology privileges,as well as other punishments outlined in GUHSD’s Due Process Statement.

-Students who damage,destroy, lose or steal technology will have to pay for the costs of replacingthose items.

Questions?  Concerns?

please feel free to contact me at:


(623) 915-8500  Greenway

(623) 915-8400  Washington

e-mail:  [email protected]

Extra Help


I am available for extra help atGreenway before school and Washington after school.  Please check the posted board to see whatdays Sensei is available each week.  


Thanks and I am looking forward to a successful year with you!


I am additionally the Japanese Clubsponsor, which meets once or twice a month. All students who are in Japanese classes are welcomed to come toJapanese Club.